Will this game be free to play?

Yes, the game is free to play. We do need some help in certain area’s with money (UE4 Marketplace content for the maps we design, web hosting, server hosting, etc.). Talk with one of the developers if you think you can help out!

What engine is this game built on? And will that change over time?

We are Working with the Unreal Engine 4. This engine is getting new updates every now and then (hooray for Epic and the community), when a newer version contains stuff we like we move on when it seems stable from our point of view.

What is Unreal Engine 4?

Unreal Engine 4 is a suite of integrated tools for game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations.

What platform will this game be playable from?

We will focus on Windows 10 as main platform, but Linux and Mac support will be added when we are further in development

What game modes will be available in the game?

We got the bombing scenario, the hacking (both teams possible) scenario since we live in 2017, and there is the escape scenario for those not good enough to fight. We also got the hostage scenario. Apart from all these game modes there is always the team deathmatch. Capture the Flag will be added later.

What can I expect from the movement and weapon handling?

We feel that a game should be fun and that means some times break with physic laws. So you get a lot of movement control, same with air control. You can’t double jump or slide or whatever you can do these days in games. You walk, run, crouch, jump. The weapon handling will know some recoil and spread and every weapon will have it’s own unique touch to it. You don’t have movement penalties when carrying a gun (whatever gun it might be). We also have a variation of pistols, SMG’s, (sniper) rifles and shotguns. That’s enough don’t you think?

So can I buy all guns and be “Rambo” every round?

Well no. You will need to earn your weapons. We got a money system implemented. Completing objectives, staying alive, picking up money from others and (sadly) killing opponents will get you money to buy your armor and weapons.

What can I expect from the maps and environments?

Let’s start off with saying: what you see is what you get. You can’t call in helicopters, cars, heroes from Marvel or whatever. You also can’t penetrate through surfaces (except for paper, cloth and glass). There is also no fancy wall ricocheting of bullets. The maps themselves will be rather static on the interactive side of things. You can open certain doors, shoot some glass (and crawl through it without a scratch!), but that’s it. After every round the maps will reset to their original state. We do try to keep the maps good looking (but not annoying with flashy lights and bright colours), the maps are always made to serve the game, not shine on their own.


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