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[SUGGESTION] Donations 1 year 3 weeks ago #712

Greetings everyone,

I know that Tacbyte do offer us this for free in addition to what making this kind of game
can bring them in the future.
And i'm gratefull that you do not fell into the shi*tty lootboxes or whatever crap we are all used to see recently.

I know that it may not be much, but setting a paypal account to receive donations in order to give you support
wouldn't be bad. It would much less be a bother compared to getting your wage out of it, but may still come in handy.

From my own experience, by renting 6 dedicated servers, the costs are quite a sum, not something unrealistic, but that's still some money
burnt in addition to time spent for them. Thus I decided to set a paypal account in order to receive donations.
I use this account exclusively to pay the servers bills and thus whenever i got donations, i do not transfert it to my bank account
and use it instead to pay the servers bills.
Yes not many will donate, and this is more true in my case as the amont of players who aren't selfish and can help aren't much...
Nethertheless, it's still nice when you get some and can give you a hand in whatever you guys want.

Thus: do it! Create a paypal account to get at least donations for supporting you!
if you wanna see about how i did, you can check kog-clan.com
It's not fency, but i'm sure it can give you a better idea of what i meant.

Goodluck everyone!
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[SUGGESTION] Donations 6 months 3 weeks ago #765

Salut Kosmos,


we use to be broke teenagers before, now.. we have incomes :D

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[SUGGESTION] Donations 6 months 3 weeks ago #766

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Hey dudes, thanks for this post. Somehow, I have missed this completly (guess that is also the age, besides the income from a job? :) )

There is a reason why we keep away from money for now. Its makes everything complicated. We have seen projects rise and fall due only to money. We don't want that. We must admit that currently the costs for the project were... unforseen. We have spend a lot more than what was intended. But in the end; it's for a greater good (spending our time on something we like? :D)

Nonetheless, in the future we might have some more talks about this subject. Thanks for now!

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[SUGGESTION] Donations 6 months 2 weeks ago #767

Hey Ssswing`

You are right when saying money can into the developpers group but i think what we meant was more related to infrastructure cost such as servers hosting, website hosting and everything related to inherent cost for a online game.

We use to play that game years earlier which also had his own cost for teamspeak server, and hosted servers, most of us knows how it works and the game itself due to lack of public servers just disappeared.. only private serves was still runing the game.

Think the community is here to help, not to bring trouble into the developpers team. I know you guys are doing your best this game life again and we are so thanksfull for that even if the standard for fps game as changed alot, Some people discovered multiplayer gameplay will this game (speacially those playing on MAC)

I think you won't get a million bucks from us but just what's needed to give you a financial help to make this dream become true ;)
You already invest your time for free, we can at least support you a way or another to avoid you to spend money + your time on it.

Keep up the good work guys!


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