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TOPIC: Status Report 17233/17234

Status Report 17233/17234 1 year 9 months ago #447

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- Fixed landscape (and thus the missing entrances to tunnels / material on the terrain)
- Fixed the insane high ladders
- Fixed the collision on the building near SWAT
- To-do: gotta redo material work on the red bricked building (minor need)

- Fixed insane high ladder movement
- Fixed (most) popping of palm trees in your view
- Added more detail to concrete texture in the map
- Fixed broken material instances on the map
- Slightly reworked some materials
- Changed bombspot marker (very temp)
- To-do: gotta decorate the map slightly more (minor need)

- Fixed insane high ladder movement
- Added message to both team which laptop is being hacked (since this is only 10sec)
- Added Physical Materials to some surfaces (revolving main door for instance); this now gives impact sounds and particles
- To-do: gotta decorate the Terrorist spawn more (minor need)
- To-do: gotta decorate some minor area's still (stairs near CEO laptop / warehouse near SWAT spawn) - (minor need)

- Fixed insane high ladder movement
- Added extra Rocks to block paths that seem possible but are blocked by invisible walls (notable the left house on terror spawn)
- To-do: want to add some extra layout to the map, and a second escape, etc. (medium needed - the map is okay as it is now, not for competitive mode)

- NOTE: this map is heavy WIP, but will be done in a few weeks. You can just run around in it to start getting a feeling for the map and new layout
- Further fleshed out the layout of the map (95% done)
- Further decoration of previous area's
- Better grouping of all actors in the map
- Added objective
- Started basic blocking volume of the map (so you can;t leave the playing area)
- To-do: add sounds, performance check, etc.

- Fixed insane high ladder movement
- Fixed broken landscape material
- Replaced some ladder meshes, now actually bolted into the wall instead of floating around
- Fixed jumping from SWAT bunker onto the roof of barrack A
- Made the path next to barrack A (leading towards barrack B ) smaller so it is more tricky taking this route
- Removed some error giving meshes

- Fixed bullet impacts on hostages (now blood)
- Create one static image for all maps as loading image (T_MapNameLogo)
- Some work on Terr. hostages
- Fix issue on wrapper update cascade
- Masterserver browser fix
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