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TOPIC: Status Report 17258

Status Report 17258 1 year 9 months ago #533

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- Removed glossyness on landscape / terrain
- Added extra boards to block off a road (close to Terrorist spawn)
- Placed SWAT spawn a bit to the back
- Placed Terrorist spawn a bit to the back
- Blocked sightline from Terrorist spawn directly to SWAT spawn
- Replaced some doorframes to better match the hole in the wall :)

- Reworked a lot of shiny brick / concrete materials
- Fixed stairs @hotel blocking when you go up
- Fixed collision on various trees (was missing)

- Fixed collision issue on rescue point (bridge) - you'd get blocked
- Fixed unintended route to facility by jumping the rocks

- Added some Details on Terr Base
- Fixed ledges in tunnels where you get blocked when crouched
- Fixed jumpable / steppable ledges of the tunnels
- Removed all blue barrels due to feedback from testers
- Removed and replaced the door to lower bombspot due to feedback from testers
- Enlarged the bombspot area on both places after feedback from testers
- Changed skybox after feedback from testers - Started adding sma...MISC

- Removed from the maplist for now, it needs more work

Code / HUD
- Started Work on MapVote Menu
- Lowered landed volume sound
- Adminlogin addded to adminpanel
- Changed gravity & jump speed (jump jeight < 160)
- Fix impact seems to be behind when being shot while running
- Changed timer method a little
- Try do print to hud when mesh position bug is happening
- Fix free ammo after throwing bug
- New Icons for Bomb/Buy/Rescue Zone
- Weapon replication fixup
- Removed death anim parts from anim bp
- Removed bullshit from hands phys asset
- Refactored weapon equipping
- Removed old logging Fix bomb planting bug (throwing)
- Small code reworks
- small fixes to hacking panel & broadcast message
- large push of Infirltrator assets from Epic
- fix several bugs
- 179, 172, 181, 176, 175, 178, 191
- Fix UI scoreboard behaving weird when going to desktop while scoreboard is opened
- Lowered landed volume sound
- Small movement tweaking (breaking & changing direction)
- Weapon laser rework (not thaaaat good looking yet)
- Fixed serverbutton
- Added base bidirectional toggle door (E door)
- Changed defuse sound, added defuse finished sound
- Fixed bomb bugs from bugtracker
- Round end stats window (still wip)
- Chat stuff + teamsay
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