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TOPIC: Status Report 17274 / 17282

Status Report 17274 / 17282 1 year 8 months ago #544

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- Tessalated landscape (more details) - please test performance on this one!!
- Added the suicide well @SWAT spawn
- Added some more details to SWAT spawn
- Darker palm leaves (was a little too bright green imo)
- Moved the connection tunnel from middle to lower bombspot a bit. Now Terrorist can't snipe within a few seconds to lower

- Removed the metal roof over the bombspot near the river
- Removed a route where you could get out of the playable area (and fall of the world)
- Added blocking volumes in the sewers; incidently you could peek (or fall) through the walls
- Changed all bush meshes due to an issue with the LOD settings of the previous one (caused popping of the mesh)
- Reworked the collision of a mesh (white fundament, used a lot on the brick factory); you were able to jump on an invisible ledge
- Changed collision settings on fences; they will now let bullets pass, but block players (unless you shoot on the metal)
- Blocked route where you could climb the buildings for ideal camp positions (near warehouse bombspot)

- Changed collision settings on fences; they will now let bullets pass, but block players (unless you shoot on the metal)
- Changed collision settings on the metal roof next to Terrorist spawn; you can;t walk through the metal anymore
- Little more decoration in the warehouse on SWAT side

- Blocked trick jumping route above the entrance to facility
- Fixed a hole in the roof on tunnels near Hostage escape
- Removed the blocking wall near Terr bunker / silo's to prevent use of the seperating wall. Instead I added pain causing volumes that will damage the player

Code / HUD
- Fixes, deagle anim, ...
- Add new Pack -> Swamp
- Update Studio Name
- Fix #198
- Imported DesertEagle anims + reimported first person skeletal mesh
- Disabled smoke trail for now (may fix perfomance issues on smoke nade)
- Switch to new engine version 4.17.2
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