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TOPIC: Status Report 17349

Status Report 17349 1 year 6 months ago #610

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Code / HUD
- Refactored gamemode
- Sniper less shaky
- Footstep sounds for the game
- Fix bomb issues (defusing + spawn)
- Global timer delay improvements
- Refactoring stuff
- Fix #273 – Female Model Vest / Painting
- Some fixes from the bug tracker
- Wrapper: Update window stays no longer in front

- Fixed missing collision on windows
- Fixed performance drops due to material instance (ladder area with the green exit signs)
- Added small decorations
- Rearranged crates and ledge to make an extra route upwards near the tunnel towards SF base
- Changes to the general lighting (little more general gain, less oppossing daylight
- makes the contrast between dark & light a little stronger)

- Redid material work on area's to make it stand out better
- Redid entire SF spawn building area
- Added doors to buildings (wow!)
- Changed collision to some meshes that will make the laser dot appear on them

- Fixed an unintentional cave where you could get stuck, near drop point
- Removed the wooden structure near drop point. It could be abused when jumping down without taking damage
- Reworked some trees and rockformations that were clipping in an unnatural way
- Reworked collision from rockformations to prevent the DE laser dot from disappearing
- Reworked a rockformation that allowed for mountain climbing (mid area)
- Fixed the collision of the main road (player seemed to be floating a little above it)
- Fixed some fences near drop point, where it seemed that you could jump on the roof

- Fixed Terrorist spawn (floating tree, missing walls to block of the area)
- Small decoration with ivy on the walls

- Brand new landscape with tessalation, better textures, new grass, shrubs and pebbles on the ground
- New rock material based on the landscape one; make it all a bit more realistic
- Fixed Bunker A where you could not get on top
- Added pain volumes to all barbed wired walls in the map
- Smoothen out area's based on landscape
- Removed some dynamic lights in the buildings to gain better performance (not static lighting inside)
- Downscaled oven @kitchen due to wrong scaling
- Fixed an alignment issue on: pillar work @bridge, internal stairs @mid house
- Spiced up some materials from the interior with detail maps
- Fixed 2 ladder volumes that were too wide (fly awaaaaaay)

General changes
- Fixed materials on all weapons; if you drop a weapon now and shoot it, it will display the right impact effect
- Fixed materials on all playermodels / hostages; if you shoot a character it will display the right impact effect
- Add Jumping animation
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