About one year ago TO4 was only an idea of a few people who wanted to develop a game.
Now, after almost a year of free time development, we want to present our first gameplay trailer to you guys.

You might ask yourself why this game has not been released yet since (as you can see in the video) our piece of software actually looks like a game? What needs to be done?
We are missing a lot of features to make the game playable for the public. This includes kick, ban and the usual server moderation/configuration stuff like setting the round timer, mapvote / maplist, etc.
A lot of our current implementations like the spectator and menus need reworks / refinements; the maps need optimisations to get higher fps. Those small refinements usually take more time than creating the whole base functionality.
We are also busy bug-hunting the usual bugs which just appear. One example for this was the “game-crashing-after-map-change” bug, which (in the beginning) seemed to happen randomly to our testers.

We do not have animations; we are currently using the same animation for every weapon and default animations for the pawns.
If there are any 3D modellers or animators around; we need you!
If you got some skills (coding, 3d modelling, etc) and want to support us: Write us a message; for example on our public slack chat

Now the question “When is the public release?” appears.
We will release the first public alpha version which includes all the necessary features.
This will NOT be a finished game or even a beta version. We are really trying to get you into the game as soon as possible.

However, summer has arrived so some of us will spend more time outside enjoying the weather and progress will be a little slower for this time (btw: it has been raining the whole day, one of the reasons why I write this news now :D).

Some changelog snippets from the last patches:
  • Added input binding menu
  • Scoreboard now accessible on death
  • Improved scoresystem
  • Some light changes to scope
  • Increased walkable angle and max step height of hossie & player pawn
  • Increased running speed of hostage
  • Fix hossie toggle behaving odd in some cases
  • Added sqlite database (for stats, bans, etc)
  • fix endround when teamsize == 0 after player leaving
(…) + a lot of smaller (but annoying) bugs which were fixed

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