It´s moving!

chr & kulan

We´re back with Devblog #8. We have made some awesome progress, yet another milestone in our release plan has been achieved, we are really chuffed about this so let's get on with the Devblog!.

3rd person Animations


Darksoe has put a lot of work in over the last week or two. In the last Devblog, we said we were adding new 3rd Person Animations to the models. They are now integrated and the new animations have vastly improved the look of the game, we still have a few missing animations and the ones which we have added still need some adjustments and tweaks, So, a little more work to do here but it's a very good step in the right direction.

AK47 Animation


Another handcrafted animation for TO4 is done by slayer5530. Last week he was working on the AK47 for the Terror Team. Take a look at his awesome work in the video below, give it a like and tell us what you think. I for one can't wait to get my hands on it!



One of the main plans in our release strategy is to distribute TO4 through steam and this week macfrog has been working very hard to achieve that, it was hard going, he had to amalgamate our build process with the steam systems, without changing too much of it, Now this is done he can start work on something else. Great work! macfrog, also it's a great achievement for TacByte and TO4: Tactical Operations.

Developer Stream / Playtest


We have talked about making a developer stream on twitch, For now, that idea is on hiatus and the reason being, as you know we are planning a playtest with "thefirst100" group, with this playtest we will be lifting the NDA (none-disclosure-agreement), we want to encourage people to share footage of our game. So you and the public can see a lot more than we as a development team can show. We will give you more information about it nearer the time.

We are soo sorry! we thought we could run before we could walk. We had plans to do "thefirst100" playtest this year but this won´t be happening, and we are sorrier that we still can´t give an ETA for when it will be happening. Recent developments have made opening a test branch up to "thefirst100" problematic and could cause more problems later in development. We are still working on delivering what we have promised and will keep you informed about the progress we make. Again we hold our hands up and say Sorry, and hope you forgive this mistake, We will try not to make any more blunders.

Devblog changes / Vacation


Next Year we will be shifting our Devblog schedule to the first Sunday of every month, this will take some pressure off the team and enable us to give you better Blogs with more content. Furthermore, it´s December, we will be spending a lot of time with our families and friends over the holiday season, so sadly there will not be another Devblog until the new year. So the next official Devblog will be on the 7th January 2018.


May the joy of Christmas fill your home with gifts, warm greetings and a loving family and friends. Have an amazing Christmas! And an outstanding NEW YEAR! from all of us at TacByte!



chr & kulan

Hey everybody, here we are again!. This Devblog is a bit smaller than usual, but we expect more News in the upcoming week. let´s find out what the development crew has been up to.



The game feels awesome in 1st Person but it tends to look bad in 3rd Person, what I mean is the movement of the enemies/teammates you see was not good enough and was dissatisfying, also, we missed a few Animations. We can not show you what we have achieved just yet as it's still a work in progress, and has not been implemented fully into the game, but once we have it, it should look a lot better than it does currently.

Gallery Update


We finally updated our Gallery, if you missed our announcement about it, you can take a look at our new Gallery >HERE< or read the complete News article >HERE<

Music Composers

Joe Sua & bluekoala202

Every Game needs Music, that's the reason why we have recruited a couple of Music Composers for our Game. Both have already started to work and we have got the first renditions for you to listen to, So put on your Headphones, Turn the volume up to 110% and check them out! Please leave a comment and rate them!

Titlemusic for Mainmenu by bluekoala202

Levelmusic for Blister by Joe Sua

Final Words


Please don´t be disappointed that this Devblog is short. The main question as always is "Did the game make any progress the last 2 weeks?" and we can definitely say "Yes it did!". Once again Thank You all for your continued support!

Tiny Update


Hey everybody, we have some new eye candy for you. Hope you enjoy the new content!

Gallery / Website

ssswing & kame

The current Media Section / Gallery is a bit outdated, We have progressed a lot in the development of TO4 in the last couple of months and the current presentation does not really represent our game any longer. The Gallery is not updated yet, we will be updating it soon. But we really want to keep you guys in the loop and up to date with our current progress, So, Thanks to kame, we now have a new inbuilt Gallery applet for our News/blogs. So without further ado let's take a look at our 7 Maps for TO4: Tactical Operations! So less talking and more Screenshots!








Shortend Links


All our links are now operating as intend, we are sorry for any inconveniences, furthermore we added a public Teamspeak 3 server for all who want to use it, here is the list again.

Alpha testers


Sorry guys, the apply_for_alpha channel in Discord is now closed and we have enough testers for now, we recruited 10 new Alpha testers, To all of you that applied thank you, we wish we could let you all play. If you applied to be a tester, Please be patient, we will need more testers and as we develop we will need to broaden our test group which could include people we have bypassed this time around.




Halloween has passed, we hope all of you had a really nice scary time, we had a great time scaring the heck out of our families and a few Halloween high jinx between the development team. Alright, let's get on with the news, no teasing you this time, so trick or treat?

Desert Eagle Animation

th120 / slayer5530

Finally, the Desert Eagle is In-Game. It took a bit more time than expected, but we are now satisfied with the weapon model and functionality. We hope you like it as well, Please tell us what you think of it.

So you can see what it looks like now here are a couple of video clips of the Desert Eagle in action.

Please, keep in mind we are in development and things might change still, sound, effects, even the complete model might not be what we end up with in the end.

Also, remember to check out our YouTube Channel, we will be adding more content over the development process. Please subscribe to our channel and give us a like!

Animation by slayer5530:

Animation In-Game:

New Map


Last week we said we would reveal details of our new Map for TO4: Tactical Operations, it has been named MAP-Converge, it´s a winter themed map with a hostage rescue scenario. Our Alpha testers have already played the map and given us positive Feedback about it. This means that we now have 7 maps for when we release to Early Access next year. Less talking, more Screenshots. Check them out below!

We also added a cool snow effect on the new Converge map and a gritty sand effect on our Blister map. Pictures can´t convey it very well so we made a small video for you, Enjoy!

Furthermore, we released a fly-by overview of our MAP-Scope, if you missed it here it is for your pleasure. It´s made using our newly implemented Spectator Mode.

Steam / Social Media


A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks, its hard to explain so we will give you the numbers. Since we were added on steam 500 people have added TO4:Tactical Operations to their wishlist and 300 are now following us on steam, our Facebook followers have increased 10 fold from 30 followers to 300 followers and likes. Our Twitter and Youtube account is still a bit weak but that's mostly because we lack content for them, but we are working on building those over the next few months. To all the TO:AoT Facebook groups, we really appreciate your support and once again Thank you very very much.

Votemap tab / Sound works


Darksoe finished the work on the Votemap tab, it´s now working and our alpha testers will get the opportunity to test it out soon. He has also started to add speech and sounds, you will hear them at the start of game rounds, the end of rounds and while throwing grenades. We are currently using Placeholder Sounds, we will add better sounds and speech as soon as we have them.

Music Composers


Some of you might have seen them hanging around in our Discord, we have recruited 2 Music Composers for our game, they are responsible for each map's theme music and main game title music. We will let you know when they have settled in and we have our first tracks ready for implementation.

So here is a big welcome to bluekoala202 and Joe Sua, you are now part of the TacByte team. Hope you enjoy our growing community and working with us on this project.

Alpha testers


The time has come, we need more alpha testers, we will be opening the apply_for_alpha channel in our Discord again. If you applied last time you won't have to apply again we already have your details. Join our Discord to apply, you can join it by clicking >HERE< Please be sure to use the form we have provided when applying.

And Good Luck!

Nummero Cinco!


It is Sunday so here is the new Devblog. Last weekend we posted about our progress on steam and new steam store page. If you missed that post you can read it by clicking HERE. To quickly sum it up TO4: Tactical Operations is now approved and visible on Steam, this was a huge step for us and we can soon release the game for Early Access!

Let us get into some more details as to what was done and is still in the progress of being developed, Firstly we have a vacancy in the group for talented developers to join us on this project. See below.

Game Programmer / Developer Required


Are you looking to join an exciting and growing game development team?
We are looking for an enthusiastic programmer, to work on a fast-paced FPS game set in realistic surroundings.

  • Being familiar with blueprint scripting
  • Experience with c++ on the UE4 API
Basic understanding of:
  • UE4s Gameplay Framework
  • Working with RPCs & replication
  • UMG

If you`re looking for an opportunity and want to join this team, get in touch with our project leader ssswing, contact him by mail or message him directly in Discord.

Desert Eagle Animation

th120 / slayer5530

After the Desert Eagle Animation was added into the game the Alpha testers gave their feedback for it in one of our Alpha tests, now we have the feedback we needed, we have removed it for further development. We don´t want to push content out that is subpar and we know we can make it better with a bit more time spent on it, hopefully it will be back in by Devblog #6. So keep your eyes peeled for Devblog #6.

Developer Stream

chr / th120 / ssswing

We are planning to do a Development Stream while we are running one of our Alpha tests sessions on Twitch in the near future, this will allow us to grant you more insight and a little taster of the game, by the way, TO4: Tactical Operations has also been listed on Twitch, we will be directly answering questions about the game during the Twitch. Ssswing (Project leader) and th120 (Programmer) will be presenting it and we will see who else joins the party. This will be the first time we have done anything like this, we will try to be as professional as we can. But with everything that is a first attempt expect a few bloopers. Will you be watching the stream? Please give us your Feedback.



As usual, the Alpha testers just play around on the maps to find bugs/exploits to feed ssswings appetite for work, thank you testers, Keep up the great work! He then works down the list and fixes them one by one till none of those bugs appear on our tracker. He has also started work on balancing some of the areas on the maps. We want to have a competitive game so areas should be balanced and both sides should have equal advantages and disadvantages, This will be an on-going process and no doubt we will be talking a lot about this during the development of this game.

We said that we will have 6 maps ready for when we release on Early Access, we can now confirm there will be at least 7. We will reveal the name of the 7th map and show first screenshots in our next devblog. Alpha testers will be able to test (play) it soon.



More builds and more changes, all these changes are listed in separate topics in our Forum. So here are the links for you. There you can also see more detailed changes to the map as talked about above.

Take a look!
(When you register on our website you can als subscribe to it, so you get a notification when the changelogs are posted, so don´t hesistate, click HERE.)

TO4 Links / Social Media Accounts

kame / chr

A while ago I asked kame to shorten our links to the social media webpages to make them easier to remember, not everyone is aware of them so here is a list. Some of them are still a work in progress. We shortened them in 2 ways, the "logical way" and the "lazy way". I think this is the best solution to help community members recall the links. Over time these accounts will grow as more people talk about TO4: Tactical Operations and the project develops.

We will inform you when once the none operational links are working.


chr / kulan

Frontend, what does this mean? Simply, the frontend is what the community is able to see. For example, the Website, Social Media Accounts, Pictures, Videos, and information published by TacByte. We are looking for people who have the same passion as we have to push the project further and help to manage our community outlets.

We really could do with help getting our Social Media Accounts up and running, If you think you are a good Community manager, Discord admin or a Master tweeter, contact me (chr) in Discord.

We all work for the greater good of the game. Do you want to be part of it?

Steam / Discord


Small reminder about our steam store page, please put it on your wishlist and be sure to follow it. Help us to reach as much players as possible! Type in TO4 in steam or click HERE

We are sure we don´t see all of you on our Discord yet, so join it by clicking HERE.

Good News


Today we have an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for our game to release on Steam´s Early Access! In addition, we will reveal some of our plans to grant more people access to the game. The complete TacByte Team feels proud of what we have achieved in this short period of time and confident in the future of TO4. Time to lift the curtain and to give you more details.

Steam approved


Our Project leader ssswing has been working on the new Steam frontend system and it is finished, We are now approved and listed on Steam. However this does not mean you can download the game just yet, but the hub is set up and other players around the globe are able to see and find our game through steam.

Furthermore, we have some more news to share. We will be expanding our testing group soon, we are just working on the details of rolling out a bigger test group and deciding on which platform would be best for us to distribute the game client, I can confirm that this will be happening sometime before the end of the year. A big shout out to our "thefirst100" group on discord, You have been awesome! thanks for all the support, And as thanks, all of you have been granted a slot to participate with this new test group. But don't worry if you aren´t part of that group, you still have a chance to participate. So keep checking in on discord and we will be giving more information out soon.

If everything goes to plan, we believe we can publish the game in the first quarter of 2018 on Steam as an Early Access title, so it is time to gather all your old friends and teammates, it's happening guys!

Being Early Access means everybody can play it, but it is not finished, meaning a lot of things will change while we are in that stage of development (assets, sounds etc) and we will be relying on your feedback to optimize the game.

As we have said above we aren´t sure how we will grant new players access to the game, we will eventually use the Steam key system, but when that transition will be we have not decided, we will publish more information about it when we know more about the process. We highly recommend you join our official Discord Server. Click >HERE< to join, so you don't miss any information or announcements.

Last but not least here is a link to our store page on steam! >CLICK< If you support what we are doing and want to help, Give it a like and add TO4: Tactical Operations to your wishlist! The more support we get on our steam store page the wider the audience and this will help us build a bigger and better community around our game.


TacByte says Hello!


It´s Sunday and this means we have a new devblog for you. The winter comes and some of us were sick with a cold, but we have made some good progression. Some parts of development are still top secret so stay tuned for more information. The devblog is a little shorter than usual. But I think we will have some more news for you by the time we get to Devblog #5.

For the last two months, I have worked on the corporate identity of TO4: Tactical Operations, but our group did not have a Studio name, we have now corrected that and named our studio TacByte. So now let´s get to the development.

Steam frontend


So we are going to steam sometime soon so ssswing started to work on the frontend stuff for Steam integration, we should be listed in Steam soon if everything goes as intended. (we will let you know when we have everything up and running.)



Finally, after finding out how to work-around a major code bug, Epic (unreal engine developers) decided to fix the bug in the current engine version themselves. At least that's one bug gone. Our next alpha build will have a lot of critical bugs from the last alpha version fixed and should also be more stable. We have also done some code reorganization and optimization. Now we can finally get to write some new code.

Desert Eagle Animation

darksoe / th120 / slayer5530

We started implementing the first weapon animations. We needed to change the code to adapt it to how we wanted them to work with our game, but now the new workflow procedure will make further production faster and easier. The deagle is now 100% animated and in-game.

Master Server


Macfrog is still testing and bug fixing the Master server.


Hi, again!


This is my 3rd devblog and this means another two weeks have passed, Here is a bit of information before we go into the development. I changed the devblog a bit, I have cut out map changes because they are mostly only relevant for our alpha testers, no worries we still have that list in our forum and I will link it in the devblog when we release a new list, so you still get all that information in the devblog.

Some of our departments are working on some top secret stuff that means we can't disclose that yet! we still have a lot to share with you, this week some of the devs are not about and I have written the update news for them, the information is as usual approved, so let's go.

Bugfixing / Admintabs / Endround Screen


More alpha testers, more bugs have been found and they all have to be fixed. Some are difficult to fix some others are easy. To measure our progression I have started to track the bugs. We have fixed 124 Bugs, 35 are currently open and 16 bugs are pending (this means a fix is done it´s just not approved yet.), th120 is working hard on fixing them and every alpha tester can confirm he is doing a great job.

In the first devblog we talked about the Admin / User Managment system, we never showed how it "currently" looks, maybe that's something you would like to see, so let us know it in the comments.

Th120 also added end of round statistics, it shows how much damage you did, took and more, check the screenshot below.

Desert Eagle Animation / Votemap Tab


Sascha was a bit busy this fortnight. Lack of time and problems with his ISP (Internet service provider). Anyways, he still did some work on the Votemap Tab, it's still a WIP. Furthermore, will Sascha add slayer5530 animations into the game? Stay tuned!

Builds and Masterserver


Macfrog is still working on the master server but thinks he is almost done and ready for Tuesday's testing.

Atomic Plant Map


Vollgaser is still working on his map and you can follow his "own Map Devblog" by clicking HERE

For Vollgaser's map we want to use some custom assets, when you know someone or think you have the skills to help out, please contact me (chr) or ssswing via PM.



The testing sessions have improved a lot in quality and quantity since we added our new alpha testers. It´s very motivating to see such a dedication from each single new tester.

They lurk in the shadows of our closed alpha channel, always waiting for a new build, in order to hunt down all of those mean and nasty bugs that somehow found their way in our beloved game :-)

Cheers, keep up the good work!

And to all of you out there who are willing to join the closed alpha test team, come to our discord channel and keep your eyes peeled! We are going to extend the team every once in a while! In the meantime stay in direct contact with our developers, tell us what you want to see in the game and what you think about the features implemented so far.

Next Animation


While he waits for the first animation to be added to the game he already started new weapons and the community decides now which one he continues first, take a look at the screenshots! Give your feedback in the comments or in Discord.




Two weeks have passed and we have got to our next Devblog. Before we go into development I have got some information you might have missed We launched our Twitter and Youtube accounts, currently, there is not much to see yet, but this will change over time. Also, we've had a new Level designer join our team, welcome vollgaser!
We have now moved completely to Discord and Slack group has been shut down, we already surpassed a 100 Users, so from now on you only can see online users (bound by discord) and our “thefirst100” group is full. Thanks for the early support guys – we really appreciate it! Enough from me, let´s get started!

Unreal Engine 4.17

th120 / darksoe / macfrog

Weeks ago a update of Unreal Engine was released (4.17), we waited for the first patch of the new version. After that was released we decided to harmonize the versions, build engine and local editor. A engine update can cause a lot of troubles and it didn´t work flawless with the first try, anyways we made it and are up to date, sadly it took some time.



We had a relocation of our website, I also fixed the registration problems and some dead links. Let me know when you find more broken stuff and thanks for reporting!



Because we´re more alpha testers there are more bugs found. I was mostly working on bugfixes and optimisations. Let´s hope that the most are fixed again.

Level of Details


I still had some smaller issues with my setup but now everything is fixed and running, beside the engine update I jumped into a LOD report we had in our Bugtracker. This is normally not a high priority task but it was a good chance to test some new things out. As usual, nothing is set in stone and things might change again, still, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

The alpha testers picked the MAP-Blister and said it looks loveless so I played around with it. I added flying/blowing sand on the ground, it's an early WIP.

We had also a lot of reports about the brightness of the map, I lowered it and additionally, I changed the skybox to a more sunset looking. The stairs at Terror Spawn looked empty, so I made the first pass at changing that.
Text is nice darksoe but can you show us some screen? Yes, I got some raw footage for you.



I had some smaller issues with our master server, it is not stable, I'll have to write a new one. It will be a basic server with as little code as possible this is because later won't need it anymore. (it wouldn´t be smart to invest too much time into something we won't use in the future). Later the game will use Steams Master server.

New Leveldesigner


I was looking for programmers and I ended up with an experienced level designer joining the team instead, His name is vollgaser. He has already shared his ideas in discord and talked to some of you, this means he is already working on his first map for TO4. His upcoming map will be something new, we don´t know if this will work, but we are willing to try it out. New objectives and a modern level design, we are really excited and we hope you are too!

He likes to work directly with the players, that's why he has opened an additional map Devblog where you can give him suggestions or just follow his progress... you can see that HERE

Maps Overall


This week I worked on all the Map Bugs we had in our Bugtracker, I also made some balancing changes, keep in mind not everything is live yet, the next build should have all the changes. I removed the MAP-Flood of the Mappool because I abandoned the map, for now, future project.


Besides the changes to MAP-Blister I added new map icons for the Bomb/Buy/Rescue/Escape Spot so now you see in the HUD that you are in a zone.


- Fixed an unintended route to the roof of the riverbuilding
- Fixed broken materials of decals in the map
- Fixed unintended hiding spots on warehouse bomb
- Removed obsolete buildings in the distance
- Rework some parts of the landscape to make it more realistic
- Reworked a lot of shiny brick / concrete materials
- Fixed stairs @hotel blocking when you go up
- Fixed collision on various trees (was missing)


- Set hacking time of both actors to 12 seconds
- Fixed the place near Terror spawn where you could get off the map
- Rotated the glassdoor a bit more to give SWAT extra cover to get into the building
- Still concidering layout chacnges - needs more testing :)
- Removed glossyness on landscape / terrain
- Added extra boards to block off a road (close to Terrorist spawn)
- Placed SWAT spawn a bit to the back
- Placed Terrorist spawn a bit to the back
- Blocked sightline from Terrorist spawn directly to SWAT spawn
- Replaced some doorframes to better match the hole in the wall :)


- Fixed ladder mid building (still able to fly on it)
- Fixed balcony mid building (was detached from the building)
- Fixed terror bunker
- Fixed elevator @facility
- Fixed collision issue on rescue point (bridge) - you'd get blocked
- Fixed unintended route to facility by jumping the rocks


- Fixed ledges in tunnels where you get blocked when crouched
- Fixed jumpable / steppable ledges of the tunnels
- Removed all blue barrels due to feedback from testers
- Removed and replaced the door to lower bombspot due to feedback from testers
- Enlarged the bombspot area on both places after feedback from testers
- Changed skybox after feedback from testers
- Started adding small stuff to make the map a little more alive
- Added some "blown Sand" to the Map, makes it more lively (darksoe)
- Changed light intensity, light was much to bright (darksoe)
- Added LOD´s to Terror Spawn (darksoe)


satansboss / chr

We thought it´s time to let more people alpha test our game so we started our "apply for alpha tester" in discord, we already picked some new players out, we don´t announce who we've picked, but you will know who is an alpha tester by the user's nickname color. We have to change some things in the background to enable more players to play the game, hang tight!

Discord is still the best place to be recruited for the closed alpha, but for now, we have locked the channel, we have enough testers. We currently have 20 alpha testers + TO4 team, Sorry if you missed out, Please keep following our progress as we will be expanding the team.

We the TO4 team have to say thanks for all the recent reports and for the frequent bug tests you guys organize on your own, it is a lot of fun working with all of you, firm handshakes!

Desert Eagle Animation


I finished my setup and everything works now as intended, so I've started to animate my first weapon for the game the Desert Eagle, here you have some footage of my current work. I will try to deliver new content frequently for the devblogs, please give me your feedback in the comments, is there a weapon that should be done first? What shall I animate next?

Get em ALL!

This will blow your mind, we are extending our alpha testing team.

Everybody on our discord server has the chance to become a new alpha tester, so you have the possibility to get your hands on the game and play with the developers. There are two requirements to participate.

You need an account on our website and be a member of our discord server. Discord Link

Please keep in mind that being an alpha tester is a privilege and we can revoke it at any time. Understand that alpha testing isn't all fun, you have to help us by finding bugs. Furthermore, we don't want chaos so please listen to our alpha leader and follow his instructions when asked. Reporting bugs to the bug tracker is a must for every alpha tester and it is up to the tester to check that they are not reporting a bug that has already been reported.

The testers must adhere to an NDA (none disclosure agreement), no streaming and no recording of game footage or divulging privileged information from the development team. The only exception to this is media for bug tracking e.g. “private” YouTube links.

If you agree to the above stipulations and want to become a tester go to our discord server, join the #apply_for_alpha channel and give us the following info and wait for the next announcement:

played TO:AoT?:
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