Devblog #1 27 Aug

Devblog #1

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chr - Public Relations

As I promised more news and more insight into the development, welcome to our Devblog #1. I will release a Devblog every 2 weeks, I think publishing the Devblog every 2 weeks on Sunday is a good starting point. Before we go into the development of the game, a shout out to our “TheFirst100” group in Discord, thank you for joining, you guys are amazing! A small reminder that we end our support on Slack at the end of August. We are also looking for a new Programmer, but this will be written in an upcoming blog or announcement, so if you are interested, stay tuned!

User Interface and Code

th120 - Programmer

I finished the user management (make teams switch teams), ban (kick ban) and user rights system (Admin, Semi-Admin).

Some more details to the system:

An admin can grant rights to the players on the server like kick, ban, make teams, game management (switch map), reserved slots access, etc. This can be done easily in UI.
The ban management can be used to look for existing bans (also searching via steam id etc) and edit (duration, reason) or deleting them. It also shows info about the ban (created, banned by, banned on map etc.)

Of course, every ban is in an internal sqlite db, later the admins can decide whether they use sqlite or mysql. Mysql/maria db can be used on multiple servers. Both sqlite and mysql save the player and match stats (for mysql also round stats are planned).
Player: kills, deaths, suicide, accuracy for each body part (head etc.), score.
Match stats: round points, duration


th120 - Programmer

After death/round end it will show now more info. (head, body, legs)

Hostage / HDD Crash

darksoe - Programmer

I´ve added the hostage placement for both terrorists and special forces, it's not 100% finished yet but this will allow us in the future a variety of new scenarios, it means that not only the Special Forces have to rescue the Hostage but also the Terrorist units could be the rescuers. Furthermore, I investigated a bug with our server browser that let servers disappear, this should be fixed now. Sadly one of my HDD´s crashed in my Raid5, end of the story is all the files are rescued now but I have to copy all files back and install a lot of software this will take some time.


macfrog - Server

As I already teased in discord, the next build from the weekend will be the last one based on our own installer. We will delete some unneeded stuff, so the build package becomes smaller.

Maps Overall

ssswing - Leveldesign

I worked and tweaked our maps again, we had an insane high ladder movement while climbing the ladders (like you would float) this is now fixed on all Maps. Furthermore, I added the blood effects to Hostage when they get shot. Our testers had good stable FPS so we are able to tweak and decorate them more.


ssswing - Leveldesign

Fixed the collision on the building near Special Forces


ssswing - Leveldesign

On the Map are two Laptops to hack, but you never knew which was being hacked, I changed this because the hacking time is just 10 seconds. Now both teams get notified which one is being hacked and it's possible to react quicker.


ssswing - Leveldesign

In one of our Closed Alpha play sessions, we found out that its possible to leave the “created” Border. This had to be fixed because it would otherwise unbalance the map.


ssswing - Leveldesign

We had some issues with Palm trees popping up into view, I've almost fixed them all, it's still not 100% done yet.


ssswing - Leveldesign

I'm still working on this one and its still very much a WIP, I will try to get this map ready for our Early Access release on steam but its unsure if I get it done in time. I'm at about 75% finished. I will inform you again when I got more to show.


ssswing - Leveldesign

Small changes on that one, I changed the size of the path behind Barrack A leading towards Barrack B. Additionally we fixed the jumping from Special Forces bunker onto Bararack A.


satansboss - Bugtracker

I've already planned the next Closed Alpha session, we will be extending the team in the near future. Stay tuned.


slayer5530 - Animator

I´m new to the development team and it takes some time to get all setup and upto speed with the project, i hope i can show you something in the next few weeks.

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