Devblog #11 15 Apr

Devblog #11

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The delayed #11

chr & kulan

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since our last devblog and we were trying to publish a devblog monthly, sadly this did not go to plan, be reassured that TO4: Tactical Operations is still in development and the team is working on getting the game to open alpha testing as soon as possible. We have had some bad news over the last couple of months, but on a positive side, we have made some progression in the development of the game. Well on with the blog I guess bad news first.

The Q1 Dream


As we have announced in discord sadly we won't be able to release the game for public Steam access in the Q1 of this year and we don't have a date for when we will be able to, we are not going to make the mistake of getting players hopes up with another release date till we are 100% sure we can achieve it, we are trying to be as honest and transparent as possible, but in a development like this there are so many problems that can arise, but when they do we will try our best to inform you.

Our first-person weapon animator slayer5530 left the group early february, this has put a pause on that part of the development, slayer5530 has a lot of stuff going on in his real life at the moment and those must take precedence over any project. This ment we had an issue with manpower, he is now back, however, this outlines one of the major problems with developing a game like this its man-hours, we are not paid for working on this project and everyone on the project is doing it in their own free time, sometimes family life or our 9-5 jobs impede on the time we have free to work on this project, that is something we can't predict. When these problems arise we have to adjust our development plans and this could have massive implications on the development schedule, luckily we have managed to move forward again.

slayer5530 is currently working on the reload animation for the Glock and Beretta, stay tuned!

Builds and upgrades


We also had a problem with our main game build server, the issue was a dysfunctional harddrive, game builds were taking up to 16hours to complete, This had massive impact on testing and development speed, Reasontlly we had the opportunity to upgrade our server hardware, macfrog worked on moving all the files and systems we need to the new hardware and integrating it with our current infrastructure, with that problem fixed we can now do a game build in under 2 hours, we have also partnered with a server hosting company we will announce them later on.

Refactoring and bug fixing


If you watched our Stream in January you may have noticed that our game server crashed a few times, that has been tracked down and fixed, On that note, th120 is refactoring the code, for those that don't know Code Refactoring is re-writing the code making it cleaner and quicker but without changing the functionality, this might take a bit of time but in the long run it will speed up development and make future changes and additions to the code easier. Furthermore, the network load of our game was reduced which results in a performance boost, since the game feels smoother, we have also increased our game speed a little to match a more arcade feeling playstyle. We also decided to use Steam's Master server because we had issues via our own and this lays a foundation for steam features like joining friends on a server from your steam friends list or their profile, we also want to use Steam groups for clans/squads, there will still be a way to use Clantags without a Steam group but we think Steam is the best way to go.



Firstly, this has no priority and is not part of our Early Access plan, however, some sounds are needed for the game and chr started to look for Voice actors and found a female and male vocal actor for our game. The game will have automated sounds triggered by actions and sounds you can trigger via a menu and maybe hotkeys. So you can get a feel for what we have in mind here we have mocked up a quick (not final in any way.) sample.

Fire in the hole!

I´m under heavy attack!

If you want to check some of their previous work you can check out their websites listed below.

CCC from Purple Rogue (female)
Website from Zach Stevens (male)

Music for MAP-Prelude


bluekoala202 finished his edits on the Track for our MAP-Prelude and its now ready to be implemented to the game. How you like it?

Levelmusic for Prelude by bluekoala202

Wait what, Prelude? Which map was that again? No worries here are some screenshots.


MP5 Navy Silenced


You know our MP5 Navy model, we have now added a silencer for the Special Forces for those stealthy kills. Take a look!

More Rapid Waters Pictures

ssswing & bluekoala202 & chr

After the overwhelming response to our announcement on Facebook about a new map being worked on for TO4: Tactical Operations, chr has created a montage from the newly envisioned Rapid Waters map to reawaken your dreams or nightmares. bluekoala202 gave the video a jungle jingle.

Minimap and VoIP


So we added a Blueprint minimap (WIP) to the game, hopefully, this will help with tactics, If you have time to look at it while bunny hopping.

If you would like to air your opinions on these or any of TO4: Tactical Operations features now is the time to like and follow us on one or all of our social media pages and have your say or directly join our Discord server.

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  • Watson posted by Watson Saturday, 05 May 2018 01:36

    Good job! Keep going on, the game looking awesome. Old memories... Please think about kickstarter (or something like that), I think it could fast the project.

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  • Dragonsky posted by Dragonsky Thursday, 03 May 2018 15:50

    Nice Work

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  • Ssswing` posted by Ssswing` Thursday, 26 April 2018 08:35

    @cookie, teamm8's and hostages (and the map offcourse :) )

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  • CookieMonstr posted by CookieMonstr Wednesday, 25 April 2018 23:10

    What is the minimap intended to show? Team mates? Opponents positions?


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  • Apollon posted by Apollon Sunday, 15 April 2018 11:57

    Great work guys!

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