Devblog #2 02 Sep

Devblog #2

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Two weeks have passed and we have got to our next Devblog. Before we go into development I have got some information you might have missed We launched our Twitter and Youtube accounts, currently, there is not much to see yet, but this will change over time. Also, we've had a new Level designer join our team, welcome vollgaser!
We have now moved completely to Discord and Slack group has been shut down, we already surpassed a 100 Users, so from now on you only can see online users (bound by discord) and our “thefirst100” group is full. Thanks for the early support guys – we really appreciate it! Enough from me, let´s get started!

Unreal Engine 4.17

th120 / darksoe / macfrog

Weeks ago a update of Unreal Engine was released (4.17), we waited for the first patch of the new version. After that was released we decided to harmonize the versions, build engine and local editor. A engine update can cause a lot of troubles and it didn´t work flawless with the first try, anyways we made it and are up to date, sadly it took some time.



We had a relocation of our website, I also fixed the registration problems and some dead links. Let me know when you find more broken stuff and thanks for reporting!



Because we´re more alpha testers there are more bugs found. I was mostly working on bugfixes and optimisations. Let´s hope that the most are fixed again.

Level of Details


I still had some smaller issues with my setup but now everything is fixed and running, beside the engine update I jumped into a LOD report we had in our Bugtracker. This is normally not a high priority task but it was a good chance to test some new things out. As usual, nothing is set in stone and things might change again, still, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

The alpha testers picked the MAP-Blister and said it looks loveless so I played around with it. I added flying/blowing sand on the ground, it's an early WIP.

We had also a lot of reports about the brightness of the map, I lowered it and additionally, I changed the skybox to a more sunset looking. The stairs at Terror Spawn looked empty, so I made the first pass at changing that.
Text is nice darksoe but can you show us some screen? Yes, I got some raw footage for you.



I had some smaller issues with our master server, it is not stable, I'll have to write a new one. It will be a basic server with as little code as possible this is because later won't need it anymore. (it wouldn´t be smart to invest too much time into something we won't use in the future). Later the game will use Steams Master server.

New Leveldesigner


I was looking for programmers and I ended up with an experienced level designer joining the team instead, His name is vollgaser. He has already shared his ideas in discord and talked to some of you, this means he is already working on his first map for TO4. His upcoming map will be something new, we don´t know if this will work, but we are willing to try it out. New objectives and a modern level design, we are really excited and we hope you are too!

He likes to work directly with the players, that's why he has opened an additional map Devblog where you can give him suggestions or just follow his progress... you can see that HERE

Maps Overall


This week I worked on all the Map Bugs we had in our Bugtracker, I also made some balancing changes, keep in mind not everything is live yet, the next build should have all the changes. I removed the MAP-Flood of the Mappool because I abandoned the map, for now, future project.


Besides the changes to MAP-Blister I added new map icons for the Bomb/Buy/Rescue/Escape Spot so now you see in the HUD that you are in a zone.


- Fixed an unintended route to the roof of the riverbuilding
- Fixed broken materials of decals in the map
- Fixed unintended hiding spots on warehouse bomb
- Removed obsolete buildings in the distance
- Rework some parts of the landscape to make it more realistic
- Reworked a lot of shiny brick / concrete materials
- Fixed stairs @hotel blocking when you go up
- Fixed collision on various trees (was missing)


- Set hacking time of both actors to 12 seconds
- Fixed the place near Terror spawn where you could get off the map
- Rotated the glassdoor a bit more to give SWAT extra cover to get into the building
- Still concidering layout chacnges - needs more testing :)
- Removed glossyness on landscape / terrain
- Added extra boards to block off a road (close to Terrorist spawn)
- Placed SWAT spawn a bit to the back
- Placed Terrorist spawn a bit to the back
- Blocked sightline from Terrorist spawn directly to SWAT spawn
- Replaced some doorframes to better match the hole in the wall :)


- Fixed ladder mid building (still able to fly on it)
- Fixed balcony mid building (was detached from the building)
- Fixed terror bunker
- Fixed elevator @facility
- Fixed collision issue on rescue point (bridge) - you'd get blocked
- Fixed unintended route to facility by jumping the rocks


- Fixed ledges in tunnels where you get blocked when crouched
- Fixed jumpable / steppable ledges of the tunnels
- Removed all blue barrels due to feedback from testers
- Removed and replaced the door to lower bombspot due to feedback from testers
- Enlarged the bombspot area on both places after feedback from testers
- Changed skybox after feedback from testers
- Started adding small stuff to make the map a little more alive
- Added some "blown Sand" to the Map, makes it more lively (darksoe)
- Changed light intensity, light was much to bright (darksoe)
- Added LOD´s to Terror Spawn (darksoe)


satansboss / chr

We thought it´s time to let more people alpha test our game so we started our "apply for alpha tester" in discord, we already picked some new players out, we don´t announce who we've picked, but you will know who is an alpha tester by the user's nickname color. We have to change some things in the background to enable more players to play the game, hang tight!

Discord is still the best place to be recruited for the closed alpha, but for now, we have locked the channel, we have enough testers. We currently have 20 alpha testers + TO4 team, Sorry if you missed out, Please keep following our progress as we will be expanding the team.

We the TO4 team have to say thanks for all the recent reports and for the frequent bug tests you guys organize on your own, it is a lot of fun working with all of you, firm handshakes!

Desert Eagle Animation


I finished my setup and everything works now as intended, so I've started to animate my first weapon for the game the Desert Eagle, here you have some footage of my current work. I will try to deliver new content frequently for the devblogs, please give me your feedback in the comments, is there a weapon that should be done first? What shall I animate next?

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  • Jarl posted by Jarl Tuesday, 12 September 2017 01:45

    thks for the update guys, keep up the good work!

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  • SnakekillerX posted by SnakekillerX Sunday, 10 September 2017 15:35

    @slayer5530 MP5 for sure. Most used weapon. :)

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  • hellium posted by hellium Sunday, 10 September 2017 13:46

    " - Changed light intensity, light was much to bright (darksoe) "

    I would like to see the Mossberg next. Or Sunglasses ;)

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