Devblog #3 24 Sep

Devblog #3

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Hi, again!


This is my 3rd devblog and this means another two weeks have passed, Here is a bit of information before we go into the development. I changed the devblog a bit, I have cut out map changes because they are mostly only relevant for our alpha testers, no worries we still have that list in our forum and I will link it in the devblog when we release a new list, so you still get all that information in the devblog.

Some of our departments are working on some top secret stuff that means we can't disclose that yet! we still have a lot to share with you, this week some of the devs are not about and I have written the update news for them, the information is as usual approved, so let's go.

Bugfixing / Admintabs / Endround Screen


More alpha testers, more bugs have been found and they all have to be fixed. Some are difficult to fix some others are easy. To measure our progression I have started to track the bugs. We have fixed 124 Bugs, 35 are currently open and 16 bugs are pending (this means a fix is done it´s just not approved yet.), th120 is working hard on fixing them and every alpha tester can confirm he is doing a great job.

In the first devblog we talked about the Admin / User Managment system, we never showed how it "currently" looks, maybe that's something you would like to see, so let us know it in the comments.

Th120 also added end of round statistics, it shows how much damage you did, took and more, check the screenshot below.

Desert Eagle Animation / Votemap Tab


Sascha was a bit busy this fortnight. Lack of time and problems with his ISP (Internet service provider). Anyways, he still did some work on the Votemap Tab, it's still a WIP. Furthermore, will Sascha add slayer5530 animations into the game? Stay tuned!

Builds and Masterserver


Macfrog is still working on the master server but thinks he is almost done and ready for Tuesday's testing.

Atomic Plant Map


Vollgaser is still working on his map and you can follow his "own Map Devblog" by clicking HERE

For Vollgaser's map we want to use some custom assets, when you know someone or think you have the skills to help out, please contact me (chr) or ssswing via PM.



The testing sessions have improved a lot in quality and quantity since we added our new alpha testers. It´s very motivating to see such a dedication from each single new tester.

They lurk in the shadows of our closed alpha channel, always waiting for a new build, in order to hunt down all of those mean and nasty bugs that somehow found their way in our beloved game :-)

Cheers, keep up the good work!

And to all of you out there who are willing to join the closed alpha test team, come to our discord channel and keep your eyes peeled! We are going to extend the team every once in a while! In the meantime stay in direct contact with our developers, tell us what you want to see in the game and what you think about the features implemented so far.

Next Animation


While he waits for the first animation to be added to the game he already started new weapons and the community decides now which one he continues first, take a look at the screenshots! Give your feedback in the comments or in Discord.

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