Devblog #4 07 Oct

Devblog #4

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TacByte says Hello!


It´s Sunday and this means we have a new devblog for you. The winter comes and some of us were sick with a cold, but we have made some good progression. Some parts of development are still top secret so stay tuned for more information. The devblog is a little shorter than usual. But I think we will have some more news for you by the time we get to Devblog #5.

For the last two months, I have worked on the corporate identity of TO4: Tactical Operations, but our group did not have a Studio name, we have now corrected that and named our studio TacByte. So now let´s get to the development.

Steam frontend


So we are going to steam sometime soon so ssswing started to work on the frontend stuff for Steam integration, we should be listed in Steam soon if everything goes as intended. (we will let you know when we have everything up and running.)



Finally, after finding out how to work-around a major code bug, Epic (unreal engine developers) decided to fix the bug in the current engine version themselves. At least that's one bug gone. Our next alpha build will have a lot of critical bugs from the last alpha version fixed and should also be more stable. We have also done some code reorganization and optimization. Now we can finally get to write some new code.

Desert Eagle Animation

darksoe / th120 / slayer5530

We started implementing the first weapon animations. We needed to change the code to adapt it to how we wanted them to work with our game, but now the new workflow procedure will make further production faster and easier. The deagle is now 100% animated and in-game.

Master Server


Macfrog is still testing and bug fixing the Master server.

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