Devblog #5 15 Oct

Devblog #5

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Nummero Cinco!


It is Sunday so here is the new Devblog. Last weekend we posted about our progress on steam and new steam store page. If you missed that post you can read it by clicking HERE. To quickly sum it up TO4: Tactical Operations is now approved and visible on Steam, this was a huge step for us and we can soon release the game for Early Access!

Let us get into some more details as to what was done and is still in the progress of being developed, Firstly we have a vacancy in the group for talented developers to join us on this project. See below.

Game Programmer / Developer Required


Are you looking to join an exciting and growing game development team?
We are looking for an enthusiastic programmer, to work on a fast-paced FPS game set in realistic surroundings.

  • Being familiar with blueprint scripting
  • Experience with c++ on the UE4 API
Basic understanding of:
  • UE4s Gameplay Framework
  • Working with RPCs & replication
  • UMG

If you`re looking for an opportunity and want to join this team, get in touch with our project leader ssswing, contact him by mail or message him directly in Discord.

Desert Eagle Animation

th120 / slayer5530

After the Desert Eagle Animation was added into the game the Alpha testers gave their feedback for it in one of our Alpha tests, now we have the feedback we needed, we have removed it for further development. We don´t want to push content out that is subpar and we know we can make it better with a bit more time spent on it, hopefully it will be back in by Devblog #6. So keep your eyes peeled for Devblog #6.

Developer Stream

chr / th120 / ssswing

We are planning to do a Development Stream while we are running one of our Alpha tests sessions on Twitch in the near future, this will allow us to grant you more insight and a little taster of the game, by the way, TO4: Tactical Operations has also been listed on Twitch, we will be directly answering questions about the game during the Twitch. Ssswing (Project leader) and th120 (Programmer) will be presenting it and we will see who else joins the party. This will be the first time we have done anything like this, we will try to be as professional as we can. But with everything that is a first attempt expect a few bloopers. Will you be watching the stream? Please give us your Feedback.



As usual, the Alpha testers just play around on the maps to find bugs/exploits to feed ssswings appetite for work, thank you testers, Keep up the great work! He then works down the list and fixes them one by one till none of those bugs appear on our tracker. He has also started work on balancing some of the areas on the maps. We want to have a competitive game so areas should be balanced and both sides should have equal advantages and disadvantages, This will be an on-going process and no doubt we will be talking a lot about this during the development of this game.

We said that we will have 6 maps ready for when we release on Early Access, we can now confirm there will be at least 7. We will reveal the name of the 7th map and show first screenshots in our next devblog. Alpha testers will be able to test (play) it soon.



More builds and more changes, all these changes are listed in separate topics in our Forum. So here are the links for you. There you can also see more detailed changes to the map as talked about above.

Take a look!
(When you register on our website you can als subscribe to it, so you get a notification when the changelogs are posted, so don´t hesistate, click HERE.)

TO4 Links / Social Media Accounts

kame / chr

A while ago I asked kame to shorten our links to the social media webpages to make them easier to remember, not everyone is aware of them so here is a list. Some of them are still a work in progress. We shortened them in 2 ways, the "logical way" and the "lazy way". I think this is the best solution to help community members recall the links. Over time these accounts will grow as more people talk about TO4: Tactical Operations and the project develops.

We will inform you when once the none operational links are working.


chr / kulan

Frontend, what does this mean? Simply, the frontend is what the community is able to see. For example, the Website, Social Media Accounts, Pictures, Videos, and information published by TacByte. We are looking for people who have the same passion as we have to push the project further and help to manage our community outlets.

We really could do with help getting our Social Media Accounts up and running, If you think you are a good Community manager, Discord admin or a Master tweeter, contact me (chr) in Discord.

We all work for the greater good of the game. Do you want to be part of it?

Steam / Discord


Small reminder about our steam store page, please put it on your wishlist and be sure to follow it. Help us to reach as much players as possible! Type in TO4 in steam or click HERE

We are sure we don´t see all of you on our Discord yet, so join it by clicking HERE.

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