Devblog #6 05 Nov

Devblog #6

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Halloween has passed, we hope all of you had a really nice scary time, we had a great time scaring the heck out of our families and a few Halloween high jinx between the development team. Alright, let's get on with the news, no teasing you this time, so trick or treat?

Desert Eagle Animation

th120 / slayer5530

Finally, the Desert Eagle is In-Game. It took a bit more time than expected, but we are now satisfied with the weapon model and functionality. We hope you like it as well, Please tell us what you think of it.

So you can see what it looks like now here are a couple of video clips of the Desert Eagle in action.

Please, keep in mind we are in development and things might change still, sound, effects, even the complete model might not be what we end up with in the end.

Also, remember to check out our YouTube Channel, we will be adding more content over the development process. Please subscribe to our channel and give us a like!

Animation by slayer5530:

Animation In-Game:

New Map


Last week we said we would reveal details of our new Map for TO4: Tactical Operations, it has been named MAP-Converge, it´s a winter themed map with a hostage rescue scenario. Our Alpha testers have already played the map and given us positive Feedback about it. This means that we now have 7 maps for when we release to Early Access next year. Less talking, more Screenshots. Check them out below!

We also added a cool snow effect on the new Converge map and a gritty sand effect on our Blister map. Pictures can´t convey it very well so we made a small video for you, Enjoy!

Furthermore, we released a fly-by overview of our MAP-Scope, if you missed it here it is for your pleasure. It´s made using our newly implemented Spectator Mode.

Steam / Social Media


A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks, its hard to explain so we will give you the numbers. Since we were added on steam 500 people have added TO4:Tactical Operations to their wishlist and 300 are now following us on steam, our Facebook followers have increased 10 fold from 30 followers to 300 followers and likes. Our Twitter and Youtube account is still a bit weak but that's mostly because we lack content for them, but we are working on building those over the next few months. To all the TO:AoT Facebook groups, we really appreciate your support and once again Thank you very very much.

Votemap tab / Sound works


Darksoe finished the work on the Votemap tab, it´s now working and our alpha testers will get the opportunity to test it out soon. He has also started to add speech and sounds, you will hear them at the start of game rounds, the end of rounds and while throwing grenades. We are currently using Placeholder Sounds, we will add better sounds and speech as soon as we have them.

Music Composers


Some of you might have seen them hanging around in our Discord, we have recruited 2 Music Composers for our game, they are responsible for each map's theme music and main game title music. We will let you know when they have settled in and we have our first tracks ready for implementation.

So here is a big welcome to bluekoala202 and Joe Sua, you are now part of the TacByte team. Hope you enjoy our growing community and working with us on this project.

Alpha testers


The time has come, we need more alpha testers, we will be opening the apply_for_alpha channel in our Discord again. If you applied last time you won't have to apply again we already have your details. Join our Discord to apply, you can join it by clicking >HERE< Please be sure to use the form we have provided when applying.

And Good Luck!

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