Devblog #7 17 Nov

Devblog #7

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chr & kulan

Hey everybody, here we are again!. This Devblog is a bit smaller than usual, but we expect more News in the upcoming week. let´s find out what the development crew has been up to.



The game feels awesome in 1st Person but it tends to look bad in 3rd Person, what I mean is the movement of the enemies/teammates you see was not good enough and was dissatisfying, also, we missed a few Animations. We can not show you what we have achieved just yet as it's still a work in progress, and has not been implemented fully into the game, but once we have it, it should look a lot better than it does currently.

Gallery Update


We finally updated our Gallery, if you missed our announcement about it, you can take a look at our new Gallery >HERE< or read the complete News article >HERE<

Music Composers

Joe Sua & bluekoala202

Every Game needs Music, that's the reason why we have recruited a couple of Music Composers for our Game. Both have already started to work and we have got the first renditions for you to listen to, So put on your Headphones, Turn the volume up to 110% and check them out! Please leave a comment and rate them!

Titlemusic for Mainmenu by bluekoala202

Levelmusic for Blister by Joe Sua

Final Words


Please don´t be disappointed that this Devblog is short. The main question as always is "Did the game make any progress the last 2 weeks?" and we can definitely say "Yes it did!". Once again Thank You all for your continued support!

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  • KaME posted by KaME Sunday, 19 November 2017 18:12

    Nice to read your positive feedback! @Amelio there will be an open alpha in 2018. Join or slack to stay up to dat :)

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  • Cadaverke posted by Cadaverke Sunday, 19 November 2017 07:28

    Awesome! This music catapults me back to the good old days. Will definitely check this out when released. Is it osx compatible??

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  • Amelio posted by Amelio Sunday, 19 November 2017 05:20

    Yes MAN!!
    Brazilian players are all waiting for the launch of this game. GO TO4 gooooo!!!!
    Hey, I have steam account, will alpha or beta's release enable to play?

    Sucess for you all TO4 team.!

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  • Filipe Torres posted by Filipe Torres Saturday, 18 November 2017 21:46

    I really enjoyed the songs, I'm really looking forward to the launch of this game.

    I'm from Brazil and here the game (TO) is well known, I hope this game will make the same success.

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