Devblog #8 01 Dec

Devblog #8

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It´s moving!

chr & kulan

We´re back with Devblog #8. We have made some awesome progress, yet another milestone in our release plan has been achieved, we are really chuffed about this so let's get on with the Devblog!.

3rd person Animations


Darksoe has put a lot of work in over the last week or two. In the last Devblog, we said we were adding new 3rd Person Animations to the models. They are now integrated and the new animations have vastly improved the look of the game, we still have a few missing animations and the ones which we have added still need some adjustments and tweaks, So, a little more work to do here but it's a very good step in the right direction.

AK47 Animation


Another handcrafted animation for TO4 is done by slayer5530. Last week he was working on the AK47 for the Terror Team. Take a look at his awesome work in the video below, give it a like and tell us what you think. I for one can't wait to get my hands on it!



One of the main plans in our release strategy is to distribute TO4 through steam and this week macfrog has been working very hard to achieve that, it was hard going, he had to amalgamate our build process with the steam systems, without changing too much of it, Now this is done he can start work on something else. Great work! macfrog, also it's a great achievement for TacByte and TO4: Tactical Operations.

Developer Stream / Playtest


We have talked about making a developer stream on twitch, For now, that idea is on hiatus and the reason being, as you know we are planning a playtest with "thefirst100" group, with this playtest we will be lifting the NDA (none-disclosure-agreement), we want to encourage people to share footage of our game. So you and the public can see a lot more than we as a development team can show. We will give you more information about it nearer the time.

We are soo sorry! we thought we could run before we could walk. We had plans to do "thefirst100" playtest this year but this won´t be happening, and we are sorrier that we still can´t give an ETA for when it will be happening. Recent developments have made opening a test branch up to "thefirst100" problematic and could cause more problems later in development. We are still working on delivering what we have promised and will keep you informed about the progress we make. Again we hold our hands up and say Sorry, and hope you forgive this mistake, We will try not to make any more blunders.

Devblog changes / Vacation


Next Year we will be shifting our Devblog schedule to the first Sunday of every month, this will take some pressure off the team and enable us to give you better Blogs with more content. Furthermore, it´s December, we will be spending a lot of time with our families and friends over the holiday season, so sadly there will not be another Devblog until the new year. So the next official Devblog will be on the 7th January 2018.


May the joy of Christmas fill your home with gifts, warm greetings and a loving family and friends. Have an amazing Christmas! And an outstanding NEW YEAR! from all of us at TacByte!

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  • ling posted by ling Wednesday, 10 January 2018 08:41

    很好的游戏,需要本地化可以找我,我翻译过"Tactical Ops"

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  • w1ng4h posted by w1ng4h Tuesday, 19 December 2017 00:39

    good news !!
    im waiting on devblog 9 in the newyear ^^

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