Devblog #9 16 Jan

Devblog #9

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Back in business!

Hi everybody, we are back with our first Devblog of 2018. We hope you had a great Christmas and an outstanding new year. So let's get on with the blog.

Early Access


We are on target for our release to Steam's Early Access, we also want to release a quality product and a solid foundation for the game. From that foundation, we the TacByte team with the help of you and the community can make the game we all really want to play. we also have to be realistic, we are developing the game voluntarily in our free time and have real-life commitments jobs and families etc. Right now we can offer a really fun playable gaming experience which will only improve over the course of the development process. Currently, we are solely focused on creating that solid foundation before we release the game via Steam's Early Access. As always we will be transparent about the development, our triumphs, and our failures. Please be aware, if we do have a very good reason to postpone the EA release to increase the quality of the game or to fix major bugs/problems that may arise, we will do but reluctantly. But if that does happen, we will let you know immediately.

So here is what we want before we release the game on Steam for Early Access, it's like a glimpse of our roadmap for this stage of the development.

The Game...

  • to be downloadable through steam
  • to updates through steam
  • to have the following Gamemode: Team-Deathmatch
  • to have the following Scenarios: Hostage Rescue, Bomb Scenario, Hacking and Escape.

The Servers

We will launch official servers and also to have a selection of private servers (servers ran by players) to help cover more areas and so we have enough servers for player demand. We can confirm that we will have plenty of TacBytes servers located in Germany and we will have at least two servers in North America. This means you won't be able to run a private server on Day 1 of Early Access, but, we will be releasing a server pack via SteamCMD as soon as we can. There will also be a Linux version of the server files sometime in the future.

The Animations

The game will have at least one fully animated weapon for each class, right now, we can confirm both the Desert Eagle and AK47 are completed, we have more weapons that are half done (Baretta, Glock, MP5A2, SPAS12, M4A1) and some if not all will probably make it into Early Access. The MSG90 will be added with or without animations because it uses a scope and is playable without the complete animation. Movement Animations are very basic, they can look stuttery and will need more work, we would like better animations for movement but they can be done while we are in Early Access. 3rd Person Animations: Another one we would like before Early Access but will probably be further on in development. 1st Person Animations: Missing Weapon animations will be added one by one and get patched in with our updates these to will more than likely done after we have released on Steam.

Daily Builds and Engine Update

We have completely changed the process of building the server/game files, we now generate new server/game files every night, With this, we can directly react to the Alpha testers, implement a fix or add content and see the results the next day, this rapid iteration of builds should make the development process a lot quicker, also, The Unreal Engine was recently updated, we have also updated our game and are now developing using the newest version of the engine.

Polishing and Features

  • Overhaul of our Main menu (done)
  • Overhaul UI´s (WIP)
  • Overhaul Buymenu (WIP)
  • Overhaul Server browser (WIP)
  • Recoil System (WIP)
  • Female Skins (done)
  • Skin Selection (done)
  • Integrated Music (WIP)
  • New Buy Menu (WIP)
  • Fixing Bugs (WIP)
  • Map Vote (done)

We do have more things we would like to show and talk to you about, but, as a lot of you might know we planned a live Stream a while ago but we had to cancel it, we still really want to show you the game live, So!, why not join us on our live stream on Sunday 21-1-2018 and we will talk more about Early Access and our development plans then. We will be making the Stream available afterward via YouTube, VOD by Twitch or on some other platform so if you miss it you won't have missed out.

Sorry if this feels like a slow start to the year but we are all just getting back to our normal routines and getting back up to speed with the project after the festive season.

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