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New Footage

Desert Eagle Gameplay


Hey everybody, we have published a new gameplay video on youtube, we really don´t want that you miss it, so take a look! Also kudos to our alpha tester Valle for playing an awesome Victim!

Female Model


The female player model has now been added to the game. We have shared a picture or two on Twitter and Facebook, If you missed them please follow us and you won't miss future announcements. However, If you did miss them here they are for your viewing pleasure, thanks to our alphas valle and hellium for helping out with the photoshoot.

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  • Law posted by Law Sunday, 24 December 2017 17:39

    The first gameplay trailer was very close to AOT. Now the deagle gameplay looks more then cs:go..

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  • mackyhowy posted by mackyhowy Sunday, 17 December 2017 04:22

    When is this game due out? I recently got board a few days ago and installed the Original TO-AOT and updated to 3/4 with map pack 1 and 2 and have been having a blast. Is this game due out soon? I liking the updated graphics..

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  • Lordo posted by Lordo Sunday, 17 December 2017 02:52

    Need more space on maps like Scope and trooper . That map should be bigger , from that what i saw / Bigger map size . And very cool about dynamic of movement, u need quick and strong fingers to strafing and mansing good , like in To : Aot . More dynamic = better gameplay /

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  • Ssswing` posted by Ssswing` Saturday, 16 December 2017 19:48

    @Faka, thnx for the feedback. First of all; its Tactical Operations | TO4 and not AoT / Tactical Ops. There is a fine difference. Yes we base our game and gameplay on a certain concept, but we also create a game this is of 2018. The game needs to attract both former AoT / CS player, but also new people. In our closed alpha we have 20-30 different people playing the game who keep us sharp on the gameplay! No worries! :)

    Regarding the sounds; no, they will not be the same. We have a cool sound system implemented and we like more realistic weapon sounds.

    Regarding the layout of the maps, can you be a bit more specific? A few maps already have had a more open character because of feedback from our testers (this game is about movement, so you need the space to move around).

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  • Faka posted by Faka Saturday, 16 December 2017 04:46

    First, the sounds should be the same as the classic TO: AOT.
    Then, be very careful about the speed-scale of the game. You can see that in scope the scale is very small, that is, you get very fast from one side to the other. Guys please, it's Tactical Ops, it's not COD; It should, like all TO: AOT maps, have open environments and enclosed spaces.

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