Progress on alpha testing and development 04 Apr

Progress on alpha testing and development

So hello there,

It has been a few weeks since the last update. Not to worry, we are still going strong! We have our alpha team testing (with the developpers) and then quick fixes on the game and gameplay. Since our start of the alpha tests, we have had 4 new builds of the game with some serious changes / additions to the game. All for the best! Log on to the forums and check the changelogs if you like.

So currently we did have a serious hickup on our development side. Since we use Git to send content forwards and back to each other (development team), we stumbled upon this problem with files simply being too large. And you know, some textures in the game are considered seriously large. A simple (yea really simple!) 4096x4096px file can take up to 150 mb. This is of course raw material, the cooked game is only 8 gb large. And those 8 gb contain all the good stuff! Either way, since tonight our coders found a working setup for the sharing of content between the development team (thank god, since I have been downloading the total project 3 times now ... it's only 30 gb per turn...). Just so you know, we are of tonight fully back onto working on the game! Hooray!

Hope to speak with you on the Forums or our Slack channel! Or just respond under this newspost, we just like to hear from you guys (as you like to hear from us about progression)

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  • Ssswing` posted by Ssswing` Monday, 17 April 2017 11:35

    Hi there Kev1UP or R1sk :)

    We want to release the game when we are sure that the basic functionality is good. And with basic functionality I mean weapon handling, movement, (team) economy, etc. We have a playable game - which is pretty fun as it is already - but it needs some more tweaking. We do this with a select group of people. We are not aiming at releasing a fully done game - which would take months extra - but we do want a stable, enjoyable game that we can develop while we play it (with you guys)

    Feel free to join the forums or the Slack channel, easier to talk to each other

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  • Kev1UP aka r1sk posted by Kev1UP aka r1sk Saturday, 15 April 2017 21:55

    Is there an appointment until you want to publish it?

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  • r!$k^ posted by r!$k^ Saturday, 15 April 2017 21:54

    Is there an appointment until you want to publish it?

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