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Saturday, 19 August 2017
To grant our growing community a better insight about the upcoming game we are closing Slack and switch to Discord. Discord will function as a main hub (or nexus) for all information, communication and news relating to the game. Discord makes it easier for us to help, administrate and communicate.

Furthermore we will add Communitychannels so you can find wars, players and clans all on one place. You'll get the opportunity to introduce yourself, your stream or your server. Access the Voicechannels for competitive gaming or just talk with us and others. We would describe Discord as an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with an integrated Teamspeak (TS). We also created an FAQ channel which will get filled with your questions.

"TheFirst100" Members will get their own role and different colour in Discord!

Use the opportunity and stay in touch with us and join our official Tactical Operations Discord Server today! Public Slack will be shut shut down by the end of August 2017. Use the Discord app for a better experience.

Serverlink: CLICK

We know that we have not updated you about the development of the game as much as we could and its time to change that. We now have a new public relation section that will cover this and we are here to keep you informed so developers can stay focused and will not have to stop their current work to write news. In additional we also have a new Animator in our team, we have raised our team size by 3 more people!

The game is progressing with every build we finish, sometimes there are some hick ups or bugs but that is expected, currently we are working on things like the buy menu adding admin tab and working on our server browser interface, its functional with some smaller bugs that need some more investigation. We have also got some work done on the server builds, the windows server is functional now and we are working on getting the Linux server build to the same point, furthermore we are changing our build process so we can put our game on Steam for download and updates. Smaller changes to our Master server are ongoing, we aren't satisfied with the stability, new hardware is on its way.

Our Level designer has solved some bugs in the maps and started a new map “Forge4” its not a 100% remake of the original its a reinvention of the level for TO4, we hope you will like it. Other bugs we are currently addressing are the damage done by weapons, some are well under powered while others are currently over powered and need nerfing. Balancing will be a big part in the Early Access but RNG (Random Number Gen) is something we do not want to implement. There is also an ongoing discussion about anti cheat, we will give you details about it once we have a fully explored the possibility's and have a solid plan in place. We already have official social media outlets (facebook etc.) running, we will be extending them soon and we will be linking them all together. The Best way for now to keep informed is our Discord and the Website!

Stay tuned for more news!

Little faults need to be fixed from time to time...
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