Let's alpha game, from and with the TO4 Team!

So, busy weeks for the TO4 team! And so exciting! We have released our game project to a group of 16 enthusiastic guys (no girls sadly). The very first evening we played with 10 different people for 3 hours. So many impressions… and so many bugs found or things that need work. The beauty of this process is that we included a very good working issue tracker onto this website. With this we keep track of the things we need to fix. And the good thing is, we knew and anticipated on finding a lot of bugs the first weeks.

So after one week of further development work (and occasional playtime with testers, yes we do that) we now have just released a second alpha version. You can find the changelog on the forums!. Good to know is that besides fixing a whole lot of (game breaking) bugs, we also included new stuff.

To name a few: we included a new map, MAP-Prelude. MAP-Scope gained a new overhaul (still WIP). We also included two new character models, for now the char is chosen randomly by the game. In the future we will include a team selection menu. We have also included the first steps to the anti-cheat we are going to use.

TO4 Character models Alpha

So that’s it for now, we need to do more work and test the new closed alpha version we released. For now, we let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to join us on Slack and the forums!

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