Steam approved!

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Good News


Today we have an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for our game to release on Steam´s Early Access! In addition, we will reveal some of our plans to grant more people access to the game. The complete TacByte Team feels proud of what we have achieved in this short period of time and confident in the future of TO4. Time to lift the curtain and to give you more details.

Steam approved


Our Project leader ssswing has been working on the new Steam frontend system and it is finished, We are now approved and listed on Steam. However this does not mean you can download the game just yet, but the hub is set up and other players around the globe are able to see and find our game through steam.

Furthermore, we have some more news to share. We will be expanding our testing group soon, we are just working on the details of rolling out a bigger test group and deciding on which platform would be best for us to distribute the game client, I can confirm that this will be happening sometime before the end of the year. A big shout out to our "thefirst100" group on discord, You have been awesome! thanks for all the support, And as thanks, all of you have been granted a slot to participate with this new test group. But don't worry if you aren´t part of that group, you still have a chance to participate. So keep checking in on discord and we will be giving more information out soon.

If everything goes to plan, we believe we can publish the game in the first quarter of 2018 on Steam as an Early Access title, so it is time to gather all your old friends and teammates, it's happening guys!

Being Early Access means everybody can play it, but it is not finished, meaning a lot of things will change while we are in that stage of development (assets, sounds etc) and we will be relying on your feedback to optimize the game.

As we have said above we aren´t sure how we will grant new players access to the game, we will eventually use the Steam key system, but when that transition will be we have not decided, we will publish more information about it when we know more about the process. We highly recommend you join our official Discord Server. Click >HERE< to join, so you don't miss any information or announcements.

Last but not least here is a link to our store page on steam! >CLICK< If you support what we are doing and want to help, Give it a like and add TO4: Tactical Operations to your wishlist! The more support we get on our steam store page the wider the audience and this will help us build a bigger and better community around our game.

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