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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Get em ALL!

This will blow your mind, we are extending our alpha testing team.

Everybody on our discord server has the chance to become a new alpha tester, so you have the possibility to get your hands on the game and play with the developers. There are two requirements to participate.

You need an account on our website and be a member of our discord server. Discord Link

Please keep in mind that being an alpha tester is a privilege and we can revoke it at any time. Understand that alpha testing isn't all fun, you have to help us by finding bugs. Furthermore, we don't want chaos so please listen to our alpha leader and follow his instructions when asked. Reporting bugs to the bug tracker is a must for every alpha tester and it is up to the tester to check that they are not reporting a bug that has already been reported.

The testers must adhere to an NDA (none disclosure agreement), no streaming and no recording of game footage or divulging privileged information from the development team. The only exception to this is media for bug tracking e.g. “private” YouTube links.

If you agree to the above stipulations and want to become a tester go to our discord server, join the #apply_for_alpha channel and give us the following info and wait for the next announcement:

played TO:AoT?:

Discord and Future

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Saturday, 19 August 2017
To grant our growing community a better insight about the upcoming game we are closing Slack and switch to Discord. Discord will function as a main hub (or nexus) for all information, communication and news relating to the game. Discord makes it easier for us to help, administrate and communicate.

Furthermore we will add Communitychannels so you can find wars, players and clans all on one place. You'll get the opportunity to introduce yourself, your stream or your server. Access the Voicechannels for competitive gaming or just talk with us and others. We would describe Discord as an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with an integrated Teamspeak (TS). We also created an FAQ channel which will get filled with your questions.

"TheFirst100" Members will get their own role and different colour in Discord!

Use the opportunity and stay in touch with us and join our official Tactical Operations Discord Server today! Public Slack will be shut shut down by the end of August 2017. Use the Discord app for a better experience.

Serverlink: CLICK

We know that we have not updated you about the development of the game as much as we could and its time to change that. We now have a new public relation section that will cover this and we are here to keep you informed so developers can stay focused and will not have to stop their current work to write news. In additional we also have a new Animator in our team, we have raised our team size by 3 more people!

The game is progressing with every build we finish, sometimes there are some hick ups or bugs but that is expected, currently we are working on things like the buy menu adding admin tab and working on our server browser interface, its functional with some smaller bugs that need some more investigation. We have also got some work done on the server builds, the windows server is functional now and we are working on getting the Linux server build to the same point, furthermore we are changing our build process so we can put our game on Steam for download and updates. Smaller changes to our Master server are ongoing, we aren't satisfied with the stability, new hardware is on its way.

Our Level designer has solved some bugs in the maps and started a new map “Forge4” its not a 100% remake of the original its a reinvention of the level for TO4, we hope you will like it. Other bugs we are currently addressing are the damage done by weapons, some are well under powered while others are currently over powered and need nerfing. Balancing will be a big part in the Early Access but RNG (Random Number Gen) is something we do not want to implement. There is also an ongoing discussion about anti cheat, we will give you details about it once we have a fully explored the possibility's and have a solid plan in place. We already have official social media outlets (facebook etc.) running, we will be extending them soon and we will be linking them all together. The Best way for now to keep informed is our Discord and the Website!

Stay tuned for more news!

Little faults need to be fixed from time to time...

One step at a time

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Wednesday, 02 August 2017

Hello everyone,

As we are a relative small team, we takes small steps. But sometimes, we takes huge steps. Yesterday we did! And we want to share that with you. We gained access to the new Steam Direct, which brings the game at least a quarter mile closer to a first release.

A first release?! WAIT WHAT?!?! Yep! We have been very clear since the beginning; we don't want to bring you the next AAA title, but deliver a great a fun game - name it an arcade online shooter. We named it Tactical Operations. With longer gunfights, easy control on the ground a in the air - both on the arcade side. With real weapons, in realistic settings - both on the known realistic online shooter. Back to the game. Yes we have been testing (read playing and enjoying ourselves) every Tuesday with a few dedicated guys. Bugs reported get fixed within a week, and the next tuesday we have a new build of the game. Small team you say? Yes, but very effective and dedicated.

Since the month is August already and this is the first news since June... you might have guessed that we have had a small vacation dip in our activity. In case you want to check on that activity; throw out a call on our Slack channel or / and join the forums!

For now we go back to testing and developing the game. Release of a first version is close by! Keep visiting us!'

Here are 3 shots of the overhaul on the lighting on maps, you might recognize MAP-Scope and MAP-Blister. The forest-alike map is called MAP-Prelude and is an escape scenario. More to follow soon!

MAP-Blister, Tactical Operations MAP-Scope, Tactical Operations MAP-Prelude, Tactical Operations

TO4: engine update and new blood joins the team

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Saturday, 03 June 2017

Quick update on our previous news item (Opportunity to join the team). Days after posting this call-to-arms, one from our community joined in the new role: Satansboss. He is taking (excellent) care of the bug-tracker updates, a better workflow between alpha-testers and the development team.

Thanks to Satansboss we also got in contact with Raz, who made a music score for the game (and more to follow). He will also be working on general sounds for the game and voice acting! Do note that we are still looking for someone to do PR and Media for the game! In case you are in doubt or want to talk about the role, please feel free to contact us! Through Slack, Forums, Email – your choice!

Engine change to 4.16.0

Our coders have been eagerly waiting on the release of the new Unreal Engine (4.16.0) and we have moved on to this new version. Biggest improvement here is the complete new audio system (alpha stage still – but already impressive). The engine update further came with some nice small fixes. For a full update on the engine: Link to EPIC website

So, it’s a long time since a news post. Not to worry, things are still moving ahead for Tactical Operations (or just TO4 for the geeks). We still aim to make that beast of a tactical shooter that will keep you up all night to play with friends!

Sadly we had some issues with mostly the performance of the game. Since we target not only the full-blown gamers with their high-price PC’s (I confess I am one of those…), we need to balance the performance on as many hardware as possible. For that we also have our alpha-testing team, so thanks to them we quickly found out that our game was to hardware hungry. We needed to tone down a bit, it’s only 2017!

Internal builds and testing

So far we have had around 10 internal builds with the alpha team, sometimes we need a little more time to give new content or fix bugs, sometimes we have a brilliant solution and want that out directly after testing. And sometimes we simply scale something wrong that needs fixing… (yes that happens.. WIP people!)

Oops, who changed the scaling of guns?!

Slowly on the better weather is also coming in on our team, so we had the first sunburns, hangovers and heathen up pc’s. Th120 pc’s gave him the finger and it took some time getting the new CPU and most important thermal grease (last time he ordered something from amazon I think). But now he’s back on, hooray! Macfrog has been working hard on further fleshing out the build procedure for our game. In theory this means that even I could start a new build for the testers. In theory yes, because I tend to break things. Speaking of breaking things; I broke the performance on some maps, badly. After several evenings work we are back in the game. As I type this news post, a new build with better performance is cooking, getting ready to be tested. Not really a problem, we have a lot of fun during our testing sessions. Gameplay feels good! Stuff is coming together!

Forums and Slack

Furthermore we have a more vibrant forums every day. A lot of familiar faces are registered and leaving a message. The constant question, when can I play this game, is still not annoying – it’s a good sign, people like to play the game!

On Slack we also see more people appear, great! We leak screenshots from time to time on that medium. Takes longer for the screenshots to appear on the website or forums. Just a hint… just a hint! And how to get to Slack, follow this: And how to get to the forums? Really? You made it to the website, the forums is there also!

For now that’s it. A good sign of progress hereby; a snippet from the update report 2 builds ago

Snippet of the update report

Progress on alpha testing and development

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Tuesday, 04 April 2017

So hello there,

It has been a few weeks since the last update. Not to worry, we are still going strong! We have our alpha team testing (with the developpers) and then quick fixes on the game and gameplay. Since our start of the alpha tests, we have had 4 new builds of the game with some serious changes / additions to the game. All for the best! Log on to the forums and check the changelogs if you like.

So currently we did have a serious hickup on our development side. Since we use Git to send content forwards and back to each other (development team), we stumbled upon this problem with files simply being too large. And you know, some textures in the game are considered seriously large. A simple (yea really simple!) 4096x4096px file can take up to 150 mb. This is of course raw material, the cooked game is only 8 gb large. And those 8 gb contain all the good stuff! Either way, since tonight our coders found a working setup for the sharing of content between the development team (thank god, since I have been downloading the total project 3 times now ... it's only 30 gb per turn...). Just so you know, we are of tonight fully back onto working on the game! Hooray!

Hope to speak with you on the Forums or our Slack channel! Or just respond under this newspost, we just like to hear from you guys (as you like to hear from us about progression)

Let's alpha game, from and with the TO4 Team!

So, busy weeks for the TO4 team! And so exciting! We have released our game project to a group of 16 enthusiastic guys (no girls sadly). The very first evening we played with 10 different people for 3 hours. So many impressions… and so many bugs found or things that need work. The beauty of this process is that we included a very good working issue tracker onto this website. With this we keep track of the things we need to fix. And the good thing is, we knew and anticipated on finding a lot of bugs the first weeks.

So after one week of further development work (and occasional playtime with testers, yes we do that) we now have just released a second alpha version. You can find the changelog on the forums!. Good to know is that besides fixing a whole lot of (game breaking) bugs, we also included new stuff.

To name a few: we included a new map, MAP-Prelude. MAP-Scope gained a new overhaul (still WIP). We also included two new character models, for now the char is chosen randomly by the game. In the future we will include a team selection menu. We have also included the first steps to the anti-cheat we are going to use.

TO4 Character models Alpha

So that’s it for now, we need to do more work and test the new closed alpha version we released. For now, we let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to join us on Slack and the forums!

New website

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Friday, 10 March 2017

First of all a most warm welcome, this is our new website. We tend to work fast, with everything.

We wanted a new website to help us further on the road of development. Closed alpha testing is on our doorstep, more about that soonish!, and for that we need a good issue-tracker. That basicly means the testers throw all their grievs and findings in a big database and we, as poor developers, may start working of that list. But we happy do so, this will make it a better game.

More about the website; it contains a fully functional forum (so please register there!), links to our media, our mission for this game (only 4 main principles). We got a ton of more fun stuff we are going to implement, but the same as the game, we do so step by step. We first build a good fundament and then build from there.

For now, we need to head back into our Unreal Editors and work on the game. As stated; alpha testing is upon us! Behold!

Please join us on Slack and Forums to keep yourself up to date AND discuss about the game!

Closed Alpha testing is about to start!

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Awesome news! The closed alpha will take place in only a matter of days!

We have send a total of 16 invitations to people we know, 50% people who played Tactical Ops and 50% people who are not familiar with the game. We want to create that unique strategic, arcade kinda feeling that people just love - no matter their backlog of games.

The closed alpha will take place for an unknown period of time. Why? Because we have clear milestones on what we want to achieve for the first open alpha version of the game. We need to tackle a few very tricky things in order to make the game fun and feel right. That means a lot of balancing. ... and we do take that process pretty serious!

As a development team we will keep you updated of our process, post screenshots, bad results (naming and shaming HELL YES) and our route forward. If you want to stay on top of the action; do join our public Slack channel (easy to use on pc / mobile device) and / or our Forums! We are pretty happy with our progress and the game as it is, and we don’t mind sharing that with others through this channel.

See you on Slack and stay tuned for more news!

The Team

ps. a little WIP screenshot to keep everyone happy :)

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