Tactical Operations MAP-Scope 14 Mar
Awesome news! The closed alpha will take place in only a matter of days! We have send a total of 16 invitations to people we know, 50% people who played Tactical Ops and 50% people who are not familiar with the game. We want to create that unique strategic, arcade kinda feeling that people just love - no matter their backlog of games. The closed alpha will take place for an unknown period of time. Why? Because we have clear milestones on what we want to achieve for the first…
Hello World 28 Jan
This is both a strange and very exciting message. We never made a secret that we were building a game on the Unreal Engine 4, based on the classic games we loved. We have actually been pretty forward in this message to everyone who wanted to hear it. But we also said; we need a little more time. The time is now and yes, it’s exciting! In May 2016 I posted a message on a public forum board asking for people interested in developing a game on the Unreal Engine…
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